FHW's project about the development and documentation of an original digital collection of the buildings of the Ancient Agora of Athens, which will be used for the creation of creative educational scenarios in Virtual Reality environments. It will reconstruct digitally the Ancient Agora of Athens to be used in Virtual Reality programmes, while in a special bilingual web site FHW will make available all the scientific documentation material.

«Virtual Reality Digital Collection ¡Ancient Agora of Athens¢»
    Desrciption of the project & information on the Ancient Agora of Athens.

«Ancient Agora of Athens» at the «Tholos» VR Theater of «Hellenic Cosmos»

Project is co-funded at 75% by the European
Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and at a 25% by state funds
as part of Measure 1.3 "Documentation, Management,
Promotion of Greek cultural heritage" of the Operational Programme
"Information Society" of the 3rd Framework Programme.

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